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As you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse take steps towards finalizing your divorce, the topic of spousal support (also called “alimony”) may arise. In some cases, a Michigan Judge may determine that the higher-earning spouse should pay spousal support to the other spouse so that both people have enough financial stability to transition into their separate lives. Whatever your specific concerns about spousal support may be, we are here to help you understand your options and guide you towards a successful outcome.

Spousal Support Determinations in Michigan

Spousal support is awarded on a case-by-case basis. It’s most common in instances where one spouse will experience an inequitable financial burden as a result of divorcing, whereas the other spouse will not. Examples of spouses who are commonly awarded spousal support include, but are not limited to those who:

  • Have a long-term marriage
  • Have not participated in the workforce for many years or are a stay at home parent/spouse
  • Have ceded the majority of marital assets/property
  • Have earned far less income than their spouse
  • Are unable to work due to disability
  • Were the victim of adultery, abandonment, or other poor marital treatment
  • Are accustomed to a prior standard of living they cannot achieve on their own after the divorce is finalized

Support During a Transitional Time

The goal of spousal support is to ensure that both spouses are able to adjust to their newly independent lives after the marriage ends. A judge may determine that one spouse requires financial support while they take courses or attend training programs to make them more employable. In many instances, spousal support payments are temporary, concluding when the recipient remarries or becomes more financially independent.

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If you are seeking spousal support, we can help you build a strong case in your favor. If your spouse is seeking spousal support from you and you would like to avoid making alimony payments or negotiate a more equitable agreement, I can make the best argument for you. Whatever your goals may be, we are ready to discuss your options for pursuing a favorable outcome. Contact John Bovill III today to get started at (989) 792-4648.

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