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Going through a divorce can be challenging, especially when children are involved. As you discuss the terms of your divorce, the court may require that the noncustodial parent make child support payments to the custodial parent in order to assist with the costs of raising the child. A Michigan judge will examine several factors when determining the amount of child support the parent will owe. Our firm is committed to helping our clients negotiate an equitable child support agreement and voicing their preferences and concerns in court when necessary.

Determining Child Support in Michigan

Child support is typically paid by one divorced parent to the other in order to share the financial burden of caring for their children. A judge may order child support payments if one parent is the regular, primary caregiver of the children. In cases where custody is split equitably between both parents, it is likely that neither parent will be ordered to pay child support depending on their incomes. Ultimately, the judge will make this determination based on several factors, such as the amount of over-nights each parent has with the children, the income of each parent, and by using the Michigan child support formula.

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Our firm is committed to helping divorcing parents successfully navigate every aspect the divorce process. We recognize the importance of putting the needs of your child first, and we will strive to negotiate a fair child support agreement that allows your child to thrive. Whether you are wishing to receive child support from your ex, or you’re concerned that you’ll be compelled to make child support payments that you cannot afford, we are here to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

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