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Establishing Equitable Child Visitation Schedules on Behalf of Parents

In a divorce proceeding, there are many topics you’ll need to discuss. Parents have additional considerations to make, including child custody and visitation arrangements. Depending on your child custody agreement, you’ll also need to determine a visitation schedule that allows your child to enjoy quality time with both parents. If you are currently struggling with a visitation matter, or you’re concerned that the visitation schedule is unfair in some way, we are here to listen to your concerns and build a sound legal strategy that will allow you and your child to enjoy a bright future.

Visitation Schedules and Parental Rights

A visitation schedule dictates the amount of time each parent or guardian gets to spend with their child and in what manner. This schedule protects the parental rights of each parent and reduces disputes and chaos. It is much easier to provide a stable life for your child when you can anticipate when they will be in your care and for how long. Just like child custody, a Judge will have the final say in visitation matters when the parents cannot agree.

Providing Stability for Your Child

As much as possible, the judge will attempt to create a fair visitation schedule that allows both parents to enjoy quality time with their child. Divorce can be a challenging transition for your child, so it’s important that both parents continue to maintain a close and meaningful relationship with the child. A visitation schedule also provides stability and predictability for your child, as they will know when, where, and for how long they’ll get to spend time with each parent. Parenting time may be suspended for a parent for bad behavior/safety of the child or Ordered to be supervised only etc.

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We recognize how overwhelming the divorce process can be, especially if you have children. As you navigate the complexity of your own emotions, you are also thinking about how the end of your marriage will impact your child. That’s why we are committed to providing you with trusted and compassionate legal guidance during this challenging time. We’re ready to help you resolve your visitation or child custody matter so that you and your children can move forward with optimism and confidence.

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