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Prenuptial agreements are a form of economic protection from which many people benefit. A prenuptial can be as specific or as general as the couple wishes. If you need help drafting a prenuptial agreement or have been presented one and are seeking legal counsel before signing it, I am fully prepared to look out for your best interests. I’ll be happy to assist you in determining which terms are acceptable or unfair to you in drafting an enforceable agreement.

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement serves to protect your assets and as a contingency plan, of sorts. If you and your spouse decide that divorce is your best option, your prenuptial agreement will provide a guideline for how to divide up your cash and non-cash assets and property. Your prenuptial agreement can include instructions regarding how you will handle:

  • Protecting your assets before you get married
  • The division of assets and property
  • Spousal support
  • Who is authorized to handle your joint assets and in what manner
  • The division and allocation of retirement accounts and savings
  • What should happen in the event of a medical emergency or death of a spouse
  • What child custody, guardianship, and child support arrangements will look like

Deciding Whether a Prenuptial Agreement is Right For You

Ultimately, the decision to have a prenuptial agreement is up to you. It is important to remember that prenuptial agreements can be negotiated and modified before the wedding. If your soon-to-be spouse has given you a prenuptial agreement to sign, you should look it over and have an attorney assess the terms for you. I can examine the proposed agreement and let you know if it protects you or makes you vulnerable to unfair terms, should you end up separating later on. We can also facilitate negotiations between you and your fiancé and/or their lawyer to ensure that you receive the protections you need to enjoy a secure future.

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