Midland County is located in the state of Michigan, not far from Saginaw Bay. Its county seat is the town of Midland. The total population in the county is approximately 85,000 and its residents enjoy (or detest) severely cold and snowy winters and hot summers. Its name is derived from its proximity to the geographical center of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

A Brief History of Midland County

Prior to the settlement of both European and American fur traders, lumberjacks, and other industry opportunists, Midland County was inhabited by members of the Ojibwe and Sauk Native American tribes. The county began to move toward organization in 1831, which finally gained true momentum in 1850. Finally, in 1855, the county was effectively organized and incorporated.

Midland County Today

These days, Midland County is a red county that almost always votes for Republicans and has a large Catholic population. Neighboring Isabella, Saginaw, and Bay counties typically vote Democrat. Coleman, Midland, and Sanford comprise Midland County, as well as Edenville Township, Geneva Township, Greendale Township, Homer Township, Hope Township, Ingersoll Township, Jasper Township, Jerome Township, Larkin Charter Township, Lee Township, Lincoln Township, Midland Charter Township, Mills Township, Mount Haley Township, Porter Township, and Warren Township.

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