Bay County is located in the U.S. state of Michigan in an area referred to as Mid-Michigan or central Michigan. Approximately 110,000 people reside in Bay County and the enjoy cold, snowy winters and hot summers. The county seat of Bay County is Bay City.

A Brief History of Bay County

In 1857, Bay County was established from parts of the neighboring counties of Midland, Saginaw, and Arenac. It’s name is derived from the multiple bodies of water surrounding the area. The establishment of the new county was hotly contested, as Arenac County was only sparsely populated and unincorporated and residents from Saginaw and Midland counties wanted to absorb both Arenac County and retain the land parceled for Bay County. Despite multiple special voting sessions, the designation of Bay County moved forward after the measures garnered too few votes to pass.

Bay County Today

These days, Bay County operates under a County Executive form of government. This means that all departments not under the express jurisdiction of state elected officials is governed by the elected County Executive. Since adopting this system in 1978, there have only been three County Executives. The current County Executive, Thomas Hickner, has been serving his post since 1993.

Attorney John Bovill III Representing Bay County Families

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